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Earthquake, Small Groups, and Take-out Dining

18 March 2020

Four Things to Know Today

1. Today's earthquake has not disrupted campus. This morning a 5.7 magnitude earthquake rumbled through the Wasatch Front. BYU has assessed all of the buildings on campus and there doesn't seem to be any damage at this time. Although there are rumors circulating that a bigger earthquake is coming later today, this is not true. Earthquakes can't be predicted and state officials are 95% certain that the main event is over. Campus operations will continue as normal, with the exceptions of adaptations announced for COVID-19.​

2. You can't gather in groups of more than 10 people. Until further notice, BYU is prohibiting all in-person gatherings of more than 10 people in accordance with a Utah public health order. This broadly applies to any on- or off-campus gathering of BYU students. This also applies to any on-campus student or visitor gatherings.

3. There won't be any dine-in at BYU eateries. BYU is also prepared to comply with the new Utah public health order that restricts dine-in seating beginning with lunch today. Food service will continue on campus but the seating areas are now closed. The Cannon Commons will be open for students with meal plans and will provide boxed meals for pick up. The Cougareat, Legends Grille and all Creamery locations remain open without dine-in seating. BYU Food To-Go is continuing normal operations. Please see for hours of operation.

4. There is community transmission of COVID in Utah County. Yesterday, the Utah County Health Department announced the county's first resident case of COVID-19. The case is believed to be a result of local transmission in the community. BYU can confirm this person was not a member of the campus community. For a quick reference guide on COVID-19 symptoms, visit BYU's COVID-19 Update page.