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Campus Resources

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Whether you are living in Provo or taking classes remotely, you can take advantage of dozens of BYU Campus resources designed to help you make the most of your BYU education.

  • Academic Support Office - 801-422-2723
    The Academic Support Office works to support student academic success, particularly degree-seeking, undergraduates who are struggling.

    Academic Advisement by College
    This link will take you to the respective advisement centers for each of the nine colleges on BYU Campus. They can help you plan your classes, graduate in a timely manner, and get more specifics about

    University Advisement Center - (801) 422-3826
    The University Advisement Center provides academic advising and career counseling to students seeking information on how to choose majors or careers. Services include general academic advisement, advisement on how to choose a major or career, graduate school advisement, career interest testing, and information and referral to appropriate university resources. The center serves as the college advisement center for open major students but all students are welcome to use its services and resources for assistance in making informed and appropriate decisions about majors or careers.

    Learn Anywhere
    Struggling with knowing how to succeed in online classes? This website has tips, tricks, and other helpful tools to help you succeed.

    Dean of Students - 801-422-4771
    The dean of students office provides many resources, services, and activities for students. All of these services and resources help develop well-rounded individuals, empowering them to achieve their goals at BYU and to become ready for their next step after graduation. They work with the department of Campus Life to provide learning experiences outside the classroom including leadership and service opportunities, holistic advisement, cultural development, and assistance for those with disabilities. These activities help individual students succeed at BYU and are fundamental to improving and maintaining a positive, engaged campus environment for all students.

    Book Exchange
    The BYU store provides this platform as a service to help facilitate students selling their old textbooks.

    Enrollment Services - 801-422-4104
    Starting school again after a mission, transferring, or another break? find answers to your questions here.

    International Student Services - 801-422-2695
    The ISS office provide services to help international students transition to and succeed at BYU.

    Multicultural Student Services - 801-422-3065
    Multicultural Student Services is a unique team of multicultural specialists who value the total development of the multicultural student within the Aims of a BYU education. They seek to develop a BYU environment of "fellow citizenry" where multiculturalism can flourish.

    Undergraduate Catalog
    BYU's definitive guide to programs (majors and minors) and courses offered, as well as policies and procedures followed, during a given academic year.

    American Heritage Office - 801-422-6076
    Have questions about one of the largest freshman courses on campus? Call the American Heritage office to find answers!

    Pre-Professional Advisement - 801-422-3044
    The Pre-professional advisers guide any and all students through the process of preparing for Law school, medical school, PA school, or other graduate training in the medical and dental field.

    BYU Law - 801-422-4274
    BYU's law school is consistently ranked in the top 50 of the nation, go to this webpage for more information on what they have to offer!

    Prelaw Review
    The prelaw review provides undergraduates the opportunity to research and publish about their field of interest.

    List of Majors and Minors
    Looking for what programs BYU offers? Look no further!

    Independent Study - 801-422-2868
    Independent Study is committed to assisting students and schools that need online alternatives to in-classroom instruction.

    GPA Calculator
    Working to maintain that scholarship or qualify for your dream grad program? check how your grades might affect your GPA.

    Petition Grade Changes
    If something doesn't look quite right on your transcript submit a petition to have it fixed!

    Research and Writing Center
    The BYU Research & Writing Center provides a supportive and resource-rich environment where trained consultants collaborate with students to increase awareness, abilities, and confidence in any part of the research and writing process.

    Student Development Courses - 801-422-3826
    These are one or two credit classes designed to assist students with relevant college related concerns in a class setting. Classes include (among many others) study skills, career exploration, life planning and decision making, and advanced reading skills.

    TA Labs - 801-422-4104
    TA labs connect students who need additional help with outside of class resources.

    Graduate Studies
    Interested in pursuing a graduate degree at BYU? Find all the information you need here!

    Ecclesiastical Endorsement
    Every student must have an active ecclesiastical endorsement.

    Find information about deadlines, GPA cutoffs, and scholarships available from outside the university.

    International Study Programs - 801-422-3377
    the Kennedy Center is a dynamic, global center offering a broad spectrum of study and service opportunities. Their objective is to mold the brightest students today who will serve the people and nations of the world tomorrow—a commitment that extends beyond classroom theory to incorporate practical experience in an international setting.

    BYU Tutoring - 801-422-8686
    BYU Tutoring provides students who may need help with free tutoring to help them succeed in their classes.

  • University Accessibility Center - 801-422-2767
    The University Accessibility Center seeks to provide students with disabilities equal access to all opportunities at BYU and to create an environment that facilitates learning and assists students in reaching their full potential.

    Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) - 801-422-3035
    CAPS provides free group and individual counseling services for students. Walk-ins are available.

    Sanvello App
    Sanvello is the #1 app for stress, anxiety, and depression with over 3.4 million users. Sanvello gives you clinically proven techniques based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and whatever else you may be going through.

    BYU Student Health Center - 801-422-2771
    The Student Health Center is a clinic to help provide quality health care for students attending BYU.

  • Arts Events and Tickets - 801-422-2981
    Buy tickets for music concerts, plays, and art shows here!

    BYU Student Association - 801-422-3901
    BYUSA provides students with the opportunity to serve in leadership positions and help their fellow students have a more enriching experience on campus.

    BYU Clubs - 801-422-7339
    Find a club for professional development, a hobby, or start your own!

    Y-Serve - 801-422-8686
    The Y-Serve program provides countless opportunities for students to serve in a variety of ways.

    Creamery on Ninth - 801-422-4624
    Looking for good food or groceries? the BYU creamery provides both to students.

    BYU Food To-Go - 801-422-5001
    Award-winning takeaway service, providing catering level quality food for BYU and the surrounding community.

    International Cinema - 801-422-3529
    BYU International Cinema, sponsored by the BYU College of Humanities, is one of the longest-running university foreign film programs of its kind in the United States. There is no special admission charge or fee for International Cinema films.

    Outdoors Unlimited - 801-422-2708
    BYU Outdoors Unlimited seeks to help students and the larger community have greater access to the amazing recreational opportunities the region offers.

    Legends Grille - 801-422-3757
    Legends provides each guest with a healthy and balanced buffet-style experience geared towards complete nutrition to help our athletes recover from a hard day of training.

    BYU Intramurals - 801-422-7597
    The mission of Intramural Activities at Brigham Young University is to provide a variety of recreational activities selected on the basis of their contribution to the development of the whole individual; physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

    BYU Planetarium Shows - 801-422-4361
    The BYU Planetarium provides astronomical shows that are fun and educational.

    BYU Catering - 801-422-5001
    BYU Catering provides top quality food for the community.

    BYU Cougareat - 801-422-4134
    The Cougareat hosts a variety of restaurants and serves as the food court on BYU campus.

    BYU Bowling and Games Center - 801-422-4381
    The BYU Bowling and Games Center provides students, faculty and all visitors the opportunity to bowl and have a good time in a clean, fun environment. The Bowling and Games Center seeks to serve all the students' needs. Whether you are looking for fun things to do in Provo, family night activities, Provo date ideas or a place to hold a birthday party, the BYU Bowling and Games Center is the right place for you.

    The Wall - 801-422-4470
    The Wall provides a lively environment to enjoy some good food and music.

  • BYU Museum of Art - 801-422-8287
    The Museum of Art is a place where the heart and mind are brought together to seek knowledge and values, self-affirmation and spiritual understanding. We hope your experience in the Museum will nurture a more reflective mind, a capacity for deeper inquiry, a stronger commitment to excellence and integrity, and heightened appreciation for others and their ideas.

    BYU Museum of Paleontology - 801-422-3680
    The BYU Museum of Paleontology was built in 1976 to prepare, display, and house the rock and dinosaur fossils collected by Dr. James A. Jensen and his crews. Over decades of field work, Dr. Jensen and crews gathered fossils from locations in Utah, Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming.

    Education in Zion - 801-422-6519
    The Education of Zion houses a permanent multimedia exhibition which discusses education from an eternal perspective, as well as temporary exhibition spaces.

    BYU Museum of People and Cultures - 801-422-0020
    The Brigham Young University Museum of Peoples and Cultures, is the university's museum of archaeology and ethnology. The Museum of Peoples and Cultures has a wide variety of collections containing over a million objects. Most of the 7,000 collections come from the regions of South America, Mesoamerica, Central America, the American Southwest, the Great Basin and Polynesia.

    BYU Museum of Life Science - 801-422-5050
    The museum was opened to the public in 1978, is accredited by the American Association of Museums and maintains membership in the Natural Science Collections Alliance. Research collections of vascular and non vascular plants, invertebrate and vertebrate animals are maintained and made available to research scientists and educators.

  • Library Help Desks - 801-422-2927
    The Library help desks bring all of the resources of the library to one place! These help desks can point you to the resources available through the library.

    Subject Librarians
    Need help finding information about a particular topic? reach out to the subject librarian and they'll point you in the right direction!

    Group Study Room Reservation
    Need a space to study with friends? Reserve a room at the library here!

    BYU Library Special Collections - 801-422-6061
    The L. Tom Perry Special Collections preserves and houses materials requiring great care to protect them and ensure their proper long-term use

    BYU Library Media Center - 801-422-5627
    The Media Center brings together patrons, media, software, equipment and instruction required to accomplish academic and personal projects.

    BYU Family History Library - 801-422-6200
    This site provides access to many online family history resources, including databases, instructional videos, and more. Many of these resources, including our webinars, are freely accessible from your home computer or mobile device. Some resources are accessible only on BYU Campus or in the BYU Library, or require a BYU student or faculty login.

    BYU Center for Teaching and Learning - 801-422-8180
    The Center for Teaching and Learning helps professors to improve their courses and assessments.

  • Career Services - 801-422-3000
    BYU career services help students to explore career options, prepare resumes, practice interview skills, and find internships or jobs through conferences and other methods of connecting employers with students.

    Student Employment - 801-422-3561
    Student Employment assists University departments in finding qualified students to employ, as well as assisting students in obtaining part-time employment on campus. Our office processes hires, provides education and training for hiring managers, verifies student employment history, promotes mentored student employment, and interprets employment law and policy.

  • BYU Training and Software Classes - 801 422-1353
    Take crash courses on various software to flesh out your resume. Software includes programs from Adobe, Microsoft, and others.

    BYU Free Software Downloads - 801-422-8176
    Learn how to print on campus, install free Microsoft Office programs, connect to campus Wi-Fi, use the BYU Mobile App, and more!

    BYU Cougar Tech Repair - 1-800-253-2578
    Cougar Tech Repair is a computer repair shop located in the BYU Store on the third floor of the Wilkinson Student Center. They work on all Apple and PC computers, as well as any Apple iOS device and Beats headphones.

    BYU IT - 801-422-4000
    If you are experiencing any challenges with BYU services and technology BYU Office of IT can help!

  • BYU Speeches
    Look for uplifting forums and devotionals here.

  • BYU Student Athlete Academic Center - 801-422-4382
    The goal of the BYU Student Athlete Academic Center is to have every BYU student-athlete excel academically, athletically, and prepare for life after graduation. The transition into university life can be challenging for any student. This is especially true for student-athletes who are expected to outstanding both academically and athletically.

    ROC Pass - 801-422-2981
    Buy a student sports pass to attend all the football, basketball, volleyball, and baseball games for the year!

  • Business - 801-422-4285
    At BYU Marriott, we attract students of uncommon maturity and optimism who know what it takes to build something that lasts. Award-winning faculty promote a rigorous academic experience in a spiritually uplifting atmosphere.

    Education - 801-422-3426
    The David O. McKay School of Education includes five departments, all of which prepare professionals to provide education and other developmental services for preschool through adult learners. All departments and programs emphasize a balance of academic learning and on-site classroom, clinical, or administrative experience.

    Engineering - 801-422-4325
    The men and women who have graduated from the college of engineering will be prepared for entry into the finest graduate schools or workplaces. The mission of the Fulton College is to develop men and women of faith, character, and technical ability who will become outstanding leaders throughout the world.

    Family, Home, and Social Sciences - 801-422-3541
    The College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences is composed of departments that study patterns of human behavior from diverse disciplinary approaches. Teaching and scholarship rely on social science methodology to learn about human behavior and human societies — their histories, organization, governments, and economies. As the name implies, the college is particularly concerned with studying the family as the basic unit of society.

    Fine Arts and Communications - 801-422-3777
    The College of Fine Arts and Communications houses the Departments of Art, Dance, Design, and Theatre and Media Arts, as well as the School of Communications and the School of Music. It also fosters lifelong learning and enriches the educational environment across campus through hundreds of performances and presentations by students and faculty each year as well as through the exhibits and collections of the Museum of Art.

    Graduate Studies - 801-422-4091
    We offer world class instruction from faculty mentors who genuinely care about both your professional and personal development. They challenge and expand your academic intellect using cutting edge pedagogical practices and technologies. Share your unique perspectives and engage in diverse dialogue with our faculty, university administration, and our student population from across the nation and more than 100 countries.

    Humanities - 801-422-2775
    The College of Humanities houses programs that study literature and language as well as philosophy, critical reading, and writing. Those programs share a concern with the processes and products of human expression. In doing so, they focus on a quest for fluency in what has been called "the human conversation"—the ongoing inquiry into what it means to be human.

    International and Area Studies - 801-422-3377
    Located in the heart of Brigham Young University’s campus, the Kennedy Center is a dynamic, global center offering a broad spectrum of study and service opportunities. Our richly diverse but intimately interconnected world challenges us to develop a breadth of knowledge and a depth of understanding to comprehend our complex international neighborhood. The Kennedy Center is committed to the university’s injunction to “enter to learn—go forth to serve” and its aspiration to make “the world our campus.”

    Law School - 801-422-7871
    The J. Reuben Clark Law School offers a six-semester course of graduate professional study leading to the juris doctor (JD) degree. Information about legal education, admissions standards, and related matters can be obtained from the Law School Admissions Office or at

    Life Sciences - 801-422-3963
    Courses offered in the life sciences give students a general understanding of the fundamental principles of life that extend from the tiniest microbes to plants, animals, and human beings. Students also obtain the knowledge, skills, and motivation necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Specialized courses emphasizing teaching and research in various life science disciplines are also offered. Disciplines range from basic science to applied science.

    Nursing - 801-422-4144
    The College of Nursing at Brigham Young University, established in 1952, is accredited by the Utah State Board of Nursing and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. The mission of the College of Nursing is to develop professional nurses who promote health, care for the suffering, engage in the scholarship of the discipline, invite the Spirit into health and healing, and lead with faith and integrity.

    Physical and Mathematical Sciences - 801-422-2674
    The College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences consists of seven departments: Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science, Geological Sciences, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Physics and Astronomy, and Statistics.

    Religious Education - 801-422-2735
    The mission of Religious Education at Brigham Young University is to assist individuals in their efforts to come unto Christ by teaching the scriptures, doctrine, and history of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ through classroom instruction, gospel scholarship, and outreach to the larger community.

    Student Life - 801-422-4771
    Student Life is a division of the University that includes Campus Life, Student Development Services, Residence Life, Student Health Center, Title IX, and University Police. Leadership for Student Life is provided by the Student Life Vice President. Under the direction of the Student Life Vice President, the Dean of Students oversees Campus Life and the Executive Director of Student Development Services oversees student development programs and services.

    Undergraduate Education - 801-422-6818
    Undergraduate Education supervises and fosters essential university-wide elements of the bachelor's degree. First-Year Experience assists new students with the transition to college, and General Education offers a broad university education to help students aquire knowledge and skills to provide a foundation for study in the major. The Honors Program is designed for the student who seeks to learn with a cohort of like-minded peers.

    Continuing Education - 801-422-4149
    The Division of Continuing Education provides educational programs and university services for part-time and off-campus students. These educational opportunities also assist regular daytime students. The same university standards required of regular day students apply to those enrolled through the Division of Continuing Education while they are on campus.

  • Liberal Arts Advisement and Careers - 801-422-3541
    The BYU Liberal Arts Advisement and Career Center helps students within the Humanities department at BYU to navigate their program requirements, change majors, double majors, apply for department scholarships, and work to find a job.

    Humanities Center - 801-422-1664
    The Humanities Center promotes innovative scholarship and teaching in areas pertaining to the language, literature, thought, culture, and history of the human conversation.

    Center for Language Studies - 801-422-1201
    The Center for Language Studies, housed within the BYU College of Humanities strives to fulfill the University’s mission of “Enter to Learn. Go for to Serve.” The Center strives to maintain the core competencies valued by the BYU College of Humanities, especially Cultural Literacy and Language Proficiency.

    International Cinema - 801-422-3529
    BYU International Cinema, sponsored by the BYU College of Humanities, is one of the longest-running university foreign film programs of its kind in the United States. There is no special admission charge or fee for International Cinema films.

    English Language Center - 801-422-2691
    The English Language Center (ELC) at Brigham Young University is under the direction of the Department of Linguistics and the Division of Continuing Education. The program is designed to provide a laboratory school for teachers learning to teach English to speakers of other languages and to provide high quality English language instruction for students desiring to improve their English language skills.

    Women's Studies - 801-422-2276
    The women's studies minor trains students to look at issues and questions from unique historical and contemporary perspectives both domestically and internationally. This training prepares students to be more successful in graduate and professional schools, business and industry, and government or community service.

    Chinese Flagship Center - 801-422-9189
    The Chinese Flagship Program at Brigham Young University (BYU) was created in 2002 with help from the National Security Education Program (NSEP). The mission of the Chinese Flagship Program is to create global professionals who can function culturally and linguistically in the professional Chinese world.

    Office of Digital Humanities - 801-422-5360
    The College of Humanities at BYU offers an undergraduate minor degree in Digital Humanities and Technology through the Office of Digital Humanities. Students who earn this minor degree possess skills with technological tools and understand how these tools are used in humanities research and beyond.

    Humanities Learning Resources - 801-422-5424
    The Humanities Learning Resources provides lab space and collections of audio, video, and software programs that support the College of Humanities curriculum. The collection contains both analog and digital media as well as a growing number of online materials. The facilities include computer stations, audio and video equipment, international satellite viewing, a recording studio and small group study and testing rooms. Media equipment such as laptops, tablets, LCD projectors, video cameras, tripods, VCRs, DVD/blu-ray players, etc., can be checked out by both faculty and students for academic purposes. It is open to both BYU and public use as governed by the HLR policies.

    Humanities Writing Center - 801-422-4306
    Our advisors are friendly undergraduate students from a variety of social science disciplines who have extensive writing experience and are trained in teaching writing. We offer individual, face-to-face sessions where we serve to help students become better writers by focusing on the global aspects of writing, such as thesis construction, organization, transitions, idea development, logical coherence, style, and argument clarity. Students can walk in or schedule an appointment via email or telephone, or by reserving a time online. We welcome writers and their papers at any stage in the writing process.

    Office of Christian Values in Literature - 801-422-3073
    The Center for the Study of Christian Values in Literature was founded in 1980. The Center was established to provide a variety of forums—such as symposia, lectures, writing contests, and publications—to help promote conversation among those who share common interest in exploring the important, if occasionally fraught, relationships between literature and faith.

  • Business Career Center - 801-422-5800
    The BYU Business Career Center works to help connect business students with potential employers.

    BYU Marketing and Behavioral Research Lab
    This lab provides faculty with top-notch resources to conduct academic research. Currently located in 340 TNRB, this valuable resource has facilitated an increase in BYU Marriott’s faculty research publications. The lab contains twenty-six computers, five laptops, seven breakout rooms, and an attached side office. Additionally, the lab can provide faculty with access to eye tracking technology (including mobile eyeglasses), emotient software, galvanic skin response measurement tools, and EEG devices.

    Human Resources Training
    This website provides resources for training in corporate settings.

    Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology - 801-422-7437
    The Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology creates a supportive, nurturing environment for all Brigham Young University students interested in starting and growing businesses.

    Whitmore Global Management Center - 801-422-6495
    The GMC is designated by the U.S. Department of Education as one of the nation’s seventeen Centers for International Business Education and Research. As a CIBER, the GMC works to increase and promote the nation’s capacity for international understanding and economic enterprise.

    Ballard Center for Social Impact - 801-422-5283
    The Ballard Center for Social Impact helps students to learn how the world’s most vexing social problems are being solved. The Ballard Center matches students’ personal skills and interests with worthwhile educational experiences that lead to a meaningful life of Doing Good. Better.

  • Campus Map
    Check out this interactive map to find any building on campus!

    Campus Tours - 801-422-4104
    Learn about the history of BYU by taking a campus tour!

    BYU Police - 801-422-2222
    Brigham Young University’s state certified police department is committed to providing a safe and peaceful environment for the BYU community. By joining and working together with the students, faculty, and staff of Brigham Young University, we can create a strong, secure community for everyone to enjoy.

    BYU Honor Code Office - 801-422-2847
    Our vision is to foster a community where students experience the fullness of their BYU education by practicing a commitment to excellence in behavior and by upholding the highest standards of academic and personal integrity at all times through fulfilling their commitment to the principles of the Honor Code.

    BYU Locker Rental - 801-422-4000
    There's no need to carry those textbooks up the stairs everyday, for only $10.00 a semester, you can rent a locker in one of several buildings.

    BYU Alumni - 800-437-4663
    BYU Alumni works to keep cougars across the world connected after graduating and leaving Provo.

    BYU Public Transit Pass
    In its efforts to support clean air and reduce congestion, BYU offers a range of transportation options to help members of the campus community get around without needing a car of their own. In addition to ongoing shuttle, car sharing, and bike sharing programs, BYU offers students, employees, and their spouses and dependents free UTA passes.

    BYU Store - 801-253-2578
    The BYU Store at Brigham Young University is the official outfitter for BYU products. It is an on-campus bookstore serving students, faculty and alumni with educational products, books, BYU apparel, movies and more!

    BYU Tax Help - 801-422-2695
    Accounting students volunteer to help other students file their taxes, for free!

    BYU Event Calendar - 801-422-4511
    This calendar provides information about sports, art, performances, and other events taking place at BYU.

    BYU Academic Calendar - 801-422-4636
    This webpage serves as the source of academic dates such as when a semester starts and ends, days off, and when the add/drop deadline is.

    BYU Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution - 801-422-5068
    The Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution (CPCR) at the BYU Law School is committed to transforming conflict on campus and throughout the world. Through mediation, arbitration, training workshops, research, conferences, academic courses, and consultations, the CPCR assists both BYU and the community beyond campus in building skills and promoting understanding of peace, negotiation, communication, and conflict resolution.

    BYU Lost and Found - 801-422-3024
    BYU Lost and Found holds lost items for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 60 days from when we receive them.

    First Year Mentoring - 801-422-8176
    As part of your first-year experience, you will have the opportunity to participate in First-Year Mentoring. Mentoring is designed to assist you as you transition into university life. As such, you will be assigned a trained upperclassman as a peer mentor. Your mentor will be there to answer questions, point out resources, and talk about your overall BYU experience. Some of the benefits include access to high-demand general education classes through a mentored course, and having someone (your mentor) to answer your questions and point you to resources.

    Office of First-Year Experience - 801-422-8176
    The Office of First-Year Experience helps students to successfully transition to life at BYU. They can connect you with great resources, provide you with mentoring, help you register for classes, and so much more!

    BYU Print and Mail - 801-422-1469
    Print simple documents, posters, and flyers without hassle.

    Experiential Learning and Internships - 801-422-3337
    Experiential Education at BYU engages with learners in direct experiences and focused reflection in order to: master and use subject matter; increase capacity to deal with complex and new situations; develop skills for lifelong learning; clarify values; and develop the capacity to contribute to their communities.

    Title IX - 801-422-8692
    Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 is a federal law that states: "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance." Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity. Below you can find information on Title IX and how it applies at BYU.

    Women's Services and Resources - 801-422-4877
    WSR is an information and referral network for BYU students, staff, and faculty. We address women's issues in a positive, proactive way. As a Campus Life office, we collaborate with other BYU offices and departments, as well as the community, to best serve both the women and men at BYU. Our services, events, and educational programs have been created to meet your needs and enhance your college experience.

    BYU Laundry - 801-422-2518
    BYU Laundry is one of the largest and most complex Laundry and Dry Cleaning operations in the state of Utah.

    BYU Campus Floral - 801-422-2840
    Campus Floral provides students, faculty and the local community with quality products, guaranteed service, and timely delivery. They specialize in custom designs for special occasions, corporate events, holidays, weddings and sympathy services. Campus Floral has the resources, reputation, and knowledgeable staff to help you with any of your floral needs.

    BYU ID Center - 801-422-5092
    All students need a BYU ID, come into the BYU ID Center to get one today!

    BYU Disability Parking - 801-422-2767
    Students and employees wishing to use disability parking must apply for those privileges through a state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The Utah DMV can issue disability parking placards even if the vehicle is registered in another state. If you need a disability parking placard for long-term or temporary use, you may request one by following these instructions:

    BYU Parking
    Looking to register your vehicle? Not sure where you can park? Look here!

    BYU MyFinancial Center - 801-422-4636
    MyFinancial Center is your gateway to paying for tuition, receiving scholarships, and paying fees associated with your experience at BYU.

    BYU Studio 1030 - 801-422-1030
    Studio 1030 is a salon housed in the basement of the Wilkinson student center. They help the BYU community to always look their best whether that be with a fresh haircut, nails, waxing, or work on your brows and lashes.

    BYU On-Campus Housing - 801-422-2611
    Want to live in the dorms? Checkout this website to have all your questions answered.

    BYU Off-Campus Housing - 801-422-1513
    BYU Off-campus housing helps to make sure that you are living in housing that is inline with the standards of BYU so that you can have the best experience possible.

    Financial Fitness Center - 801-422-7355
    BYU's Financial Fitness Center aims to help students become informed and wise stewards of their own financial well-being.