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Learning Community & Belonging

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One of the greatest benefits of a BYU education is the relationships you develop with your professors, mentors, and fellow students. Here is some practical advice for becoming part of the interconnected BYU community.

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Ideas for Remote Study Groups

Study groups are a great way to motivate yourself to study as well as connect with other students and help each other succeed. Get the most out of your time together, even when it's online.

Looking to the Margins: Creating Belonging (Phil Rash)

"What do we see Christ do with the marginalized? As previously mentioned, He ate with them, He walked with them, He cried with them, He healed them, He validated them, and He listened to them." Read or watch the full devotional.

Impostor Syndrome: How to Cope with Feelings of Not Measuring Up

Impostor Syndrome is a phenomenon that can affect both students and employees, making them feel like an "impostor" despite being qualified or capable. Read the story in the Daily Universe to learn ways to cope with something almost all of us deal with some time or another.


Joy and Community Without Gatherings with BYU President Kevin J Worthen