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Successful Learning

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Now more than ever, your education is in your hands. BYU is committed to helping you succeed before, during, and after your time as a student.

Regarding the incredible amount of change and adaptation stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, President Kevin J. Worthen said,

"This past March we saw an incredible effort take place on our campus as we moved to remote coursework. I am thankful for the work of our faculty and staff, who through innovation and determination, made sure our students continued to receive a superb education. I am also grateful to our students, who adapted almost overnight to a new and different way of learning. The swift action helped slow the pandemic's immediate impact on our campus community and allowed us to move forward as a university."

More changes have and will come as BYU does its part to protect its students, faculty, and staff. These changes directly impact your learning experience, and in many cases add additional responsibility and challenges to what is already a stressful period of life.

BYU is absolutely committed to you and your success. You are not alone. This site provides information and tips that will help you keep your balance, as well as connect you with help and available resources to improve your BYU experience... whatever it looks like.