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Genuinely Caring for Our Neighbor

Caring for others is one of the Savior's most fundamental admonitions. One of the greatest lessons you can learn at BYU is the importance of caring for your neighbor.

Rex E. Lee. “Opportunities for Learning,” Brigham Young University 1991-92 Speeches, 10 Sep 1991

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Consider ways that you might serve or care for someone else this week.

"Every day on this campus there are literally tens of thousands of opportunities for someone to be nice to someone else, or to be not so nice—either to put into practice or to ignore our Savior’s most fundamental of all admonitions to be concerned about other people and their welfare and happiness and not just our own. Truly, that admonition is central not only to Christianity and restored truth, but also to human happiness. I am sure that its centrality to human happiness is the reason the Savior made it the cornerstone of his teachings. . . . I can think of no better lesson that all of us could learn from our experience at BYU than the importance of genuinely caring for our neighbor."